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Granular Sulfur

Just like nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium, sulfur plays an important role in creating strong, healthy, and stable yields for your crops. Today, without additives, many crops can be deficient in sulfur, which has a large impact on productivity, quality, yield, and profit. Sulfur mainly comes from volcanoes. While most chemical elements are found only in compounds, sulfur is one of the relatively few elements that are found in pure form.

Sulfur is a chemical element that is present in all living tissues. After calcium and phosphorus, it is the third most abundant mineral in the human body.

Key takeaways

  • It is not recommended to use granular sulfur on golf lawns.
  • Sulfur is also found in garlic, onions, and broccoli.
  • Sulfur is applied to the skin for dandruff and itchy skin infections caused by mites (scabies).
  • Sulfur is either recovered or produced from an "acidic crude" where it is separated by a thermal process rather than a chemical one.



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