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Textile products surround us everywhere: in the bedroom, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the office, and in the store. These are clothes, curtains, bedspreads, towels, tablecloths, napkins, furniture covers, toys, linen, even flags and festive banners on the streets.

Textiles include materials made from yarns or threads, usually on a loom, i.e. fabric. However, today other types of fabrics are usually referred to in the category of textiles: textile fabric, knitted fabrics (knitted fabrics), felted materials, non-woven textiles.

Textiles are widely used for industrial purposes. It is used in medicine (implants), construction (construction textiles to strengthen foundations), agriculture (agricultural textiles to protect crops).

Key takeaways

  • Natural. They consist entirely of natural fibers such as cotton, linen, wool, silk;
  • Artificial. Their composition is natural (cellulose most often), but the method of production is chemical (acetate, viscose);
  • Synthetic. It's made from fibers got entirely by chemical means (polyester, nylon, nylon, lavsan, polyester, etc.);
  • Blended. This textile consists of various mixtures of natural, synthetic, artificial fibers.



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