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Paolinta interacts with energy and digitalization industries to create sustainable solutions for future generations. We apply a wide range of services and technologies to provide solutions for petrochemicals and petroleum products industries.

Paolinta combines economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility. Thanks to thoughtful logistics and innovations, we enable our customers in every industry to meet the current and future needs of society.


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What we do?

The energy requirement is universal. Therefore, we supply efficient fuels using new technologies to reduce emissions. Paolinta provides a wide variety of products related to and used in oil and gas, chemicals, and polymers.


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Toward a logistic future

We strive to protect and maintain the quality of the environment and to ensure the health and safety of our employees and all those who work with us. That's why we use analytical and testing logistics and vehicles to provide you best products.


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Logistic services

Paolinta always provides qualified assistance in selecting the most rational route for the movement of cargo. All our clients get individual approaches, flexible business processes, and complex solutions.


Oil and coffee business

When it comes to food, we believe in providing nothing but the best. Our diverse selection in coffee and oil includes premium ingredients sourced from trusted suppliers, ensuring freshness and superior quality.

Why do you need to choose us?

Paolinta helps to get the best: only high-quality products in the petrochemical, textile, and equipment industries. Let's get in touch and talk about how we can help you.

Sustainability is a key success factor for Paolinta. It’s firmly integrated into all of our delivery processes. Sustainable business management contributes to leading positions in the market.

We specialize in the sale of petrochemical products and refined products; in addition, we provide trade-in equipment and textiles.



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Office 29, Clifton House, Fitzwilliam, Street Lower Dublin 2, D02 XT91, Republic of Ireland

[email protected]


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