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ISO container

An ISO container (also known as a tank container) is designed for the transportation of food and chemically hazardous goods. ISO containers have a special design, ideal for the transportation of liquid bulk cargo of various categories and classes. Tanks are made of stainless steel, which is not exposed to chemically aggressive substances. You can also transport liquefied gases in tank containers.

Silos (bunkers)

In the conventional sense, both a silo and a bunker are a kind of vertical cylindrical or prismatic container designed to store bulk materials, woodworking materials, solid fuels, and petroleum products.

Equipment for the production of hydrogen and oxygen

Pure hydrogen is not found in nature. There are several methods for obtaining it. The variety of these methods is one advantage of hydrogen energy. The most common method for producing hydrogen is steam reforming through the reaction of hydrocarbons (natural gas) with steam at high temperatures.

Pump equipment

All pumping equipment has nomenclature indicators that characterize the key features of their work and scope. Pump parameters at constant speed are uniquely related to each other. The pump depends on the flow and head, power consumption, efficiency, and allowable pump cavitation margin are usually presented as graphs or tables.

Heat exchange equipment

Heat exchangers are technical devices designed to transfer heat from one medium to another. They are widely used in the oil, gas, and chemical industries for technological operations that require maintaining a given operating temperature.

Filtration equipment

The filtration process is currently widespread in a wide variety of areas, from household water purification to the separation of suspensions in chemical industries. The variety of applications has given rise to a variety of apparatus designs for this process. There are both extremely simple filters, in which many operations are carried out manually, and complex units that can operate continuously for a long time.



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