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Paolinta is a new company that cares about the cleanliness of products and the environment.

Paolinta is a company that does business and intermediary activities developing its vertical integration in core businesses such as transportation of oil and petrochemical products.

Paolinta is committed to a global presence serving its customers in 20 European countries. Through innovation, training, and excellence, Paolinta collaborates with its customers to provide quality products and logistics services.

Why invest?

We strive to be market leaders. The company transports a wide range of chemicals, plastics, and other materials.

We strive to expand our market. Globally, Paolinta focuses on expanding access to growing value-added markets and access to competitive raw materials.

Paolinta is committed to functional excellence, to diversify raw materials that can integrate value chains and access to competitive raw materials worldwide.

We provide reliable financial performance. The company has shown robust profitability despite fluctuating commodity prices, industry-leading margins, and strong revenue growth.



Legal business address

Office 29, Clifton House, Fitzwilliam, Street Lower Dublin 2, D02 XT91, Republic of Ireland

[email protected]


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