Intermediary activities in the sphere of petrochemical industry products trading and their refining

Caustic soda

Common names for sodium hydroxide (NaOH), also known as alkali. In its pure form, caustic soda is a waxy white solid.

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Granular Sulfur

Pure elemental sulfur is a vital secondary macronutrient that can be applied to deficient soils or to acid-loving plants.

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Polyethylene (PET) is a lightweight, durable thermoplastic with a variable crystal structure. It is used to create films, tubes, plastic parts, laminates, etc.

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Propylene, also called propene. It is a colorless, combustible gaseous hydrocarbon C3H6 obtained from petroleum.

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Plastic comprises synthetic or natural high-molecular-weight compounds. This substance is used to describe a wide range of synthetic or semi-synthetic materials.

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Gasoline, also called gas or petrol. It comprises volatile, flammable liquid hydrocarbons derived from petroleum.

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Diesel fuel

Diesel fuel consists of a mixture of hydrocarbons obtained from the distillation of crude oil. It generates more energy when burned than equal volumes of gasoline.

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Lubricants provide an effective service life of several hundred or thousands of hours, during which their required properties remain unchanged.

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Gas (Butane, Propane)

Propane and butane are both forms of LPG. They have many valuable performance characteristics when compared to gasoline.

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Textiles can be divided into groups according to different criteria, for example, according to the season: winter, summer, demi-season.

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