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Gas (Butane, Propane)

Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is a term widely used to describe the light hydrocarbon gas family. This includes propane and butane. Both of these gases are used in commercial and residential applications. These gases can be used as fuels for heating, cooking, boiling, vehicles, refrigerants, and more.

Propane, obtained from natural gas processing and oil refining, is a combustible hydrocarbon gas that is liquefied by increasing pressure. Butane, in turn, is a flammable hydrocarbon gas that comes from natural gas processing and oil refining.

Propane is used for heating and cooking. Butane is used as a fuel, propellant, and refrigerant.

Key takeaways

  • The main difference between propane and butane is at boiling point, as propane has a boiling point of -42 ° C and butane has a much higher boiling point at -2 ° C.
  • Although propane generates more heat, butane has a property that is also beneficial to the environment. It liquefies easily, making containment easier.
  • Propane is easy to use. When it comes to barbecuing, you simply hook up the barbecue to a propane gas cylinder, and your food is cooked in no time.



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