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Lubricants are solid, plastic, liquid, and gaseous substances used in friction units of automotive equipment, industrial machines, and mechanisms, and in everyday life to reduce the wear caused by friction. Paolinta provides the highest quality lubricants, along with proper lubrication processes and services that create sustainable customer value.

Lubrication plays an important role in industrial maintenance. It ensures the efficient operation of the machines. This is an area with tremendous potential to reduce costs, increase equipment life and enable more efficient production.

Lubricant is used in motorized vehicles and is also known as engine oil, engine oil, and transmission fluid. Its major function is to lubricate engine parts so that engine wear is minimized.

Key takeaways

  • Lubricants help separate moving parts during system operation. This reduces friction.
  • Liquid lubricants have a high thermal capacity when circulating to and from the cooler part of the system.
  • Lube oil manufacturers in the UAE have the advantage of carrying away debris and external contaminants that enter the system and into the filter.



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